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Cooking with a BORA, the end of normal.

BORA design a range of kitchen products, and as an independent retailer, Artizan Interiors has access to them all. If you want to learn more about BORA’s revolutionary kitchen solutions, such as the BORA PROFESSIONAL 2.0, the BORA CLASSIC 2.0, the BORA BASIC and the BORA PURE, just give us a call.

The BORA System

The BORA selection of extraction hobs offer a wide range of options for all customers. With the dual motor extraction technology there is constant fresh air in your kitchen. The extraction system can be ducted or recirculated and is easily taken apart for cleaning, most pieces go straight into the dishwasher. On all models the extractor power automatically adjusts according to cooking conditions.

Unlimited Options

The BORA can be fitted on an island, peninsular or on a wall run eliminating the need for a wall or ceiling extractor. All Bora extractors are built into a height whereby you need only lose the top cutlery drawer, therefore maximising your kitchen storage.


BORA Classic 2.0

BORA Professional 2.0



Super sleek with an easy to use interface the BORA Pure is the perfect entry to the BORA cooking experience. Bora products are designed to simplify cooking on an island/peninsular or kitchen run. By combining extraction and the hub thus eliminating the need for two bulky kitchen products and instead creating a slim practical solution. With room for four large pans there’s plenty to get excited about.


The larger flexible induction extractor hob has a sleek flush extractor vent. With the same dual motor technology to ensure maximum extraction power the kitchen is eliminated of moisture and odours. Increased size means that up to six pans can fit on the X Pure with the heat retention function, food can be kept at constant temperature where it won’t burn.

BORA Classic 2.0

The BORA Classic 2.0 is in a domino style extractor hob where you can build each piece for your cooking requirements. With modules for gas, induction, wok, and ceramic cooking customers don’t have to limit themselves to one style of hob cooking. All the BORA extraction systems can be recirculating or ducted. The Classic 2.0 is a fantastic product for those who love flexible cooking.

BORA Professional 2.0

The larger domino style extractor hob is the Professional. With a completely different look to the other models, the controls are on the front panel of the false drawer with stainless steel dials and LED display. Customers are spoilt for choice of the modules which slot seamlessly together are flexible for all types of cooking. The flex induction module allows for surface induction meaning no space is wasted. All models allow for easy cleaning with the extraction waste collectors and filters able to go in the dishwasher.


Having developed the revolutionary BORA extraction technology, BORA are now using steam in its finest form – for cooking:
BORA X BO – the steam oven.

The first professional appliance for the household sector that brings the comfort of cooking into the kitchen.
The BORA X BO is a real all-rounder combining an extractor, steamer and oven with integrated cleaning functions all in a single appliance

BORA Multi Drawer

The BORA multi-drawer can meet all your needs when it comes to heating up food and crockery – and do a fair bit more too.
The clear touchscreen operating panel makes the appliance extremely simple to use while the handy presets make it easier to regenerate or defrost food as well as to keep it warm. Even low-temperature cooking is possible.

Combining the BORA multi-drawer with a BORA X BO steam oven and its numerous settings expands the range of functions even further.

The BORA multi-drawer also impresses with a refined All Black design, premium materials and effortless cleaning.
Truly ingenious!

The whole process was really enjoyable. Our first conversation with Rosie about what we were looking to achieve and her initial design plan and later 3D images really brought the design concept to life. Visiting the showroom, we were able to choose the exact materials and door handles etc from a range of quality product samples. The whole team were a pleasure to work with and very professional.

We love spending time in our new kitchen and would recommend Artizan Interiors to anyone looking for the highest quality design and fitting service. You really won’t be disappointed

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