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Our Charity Work

Our business has been successfully trading in Chertsey for many years and our small team have lived in and around Chertsey as well as working in the town. We have been involved in supporting our local community regularly, taking part in town events and raising funds with raffles, sponsorship and donations on an adhoc basis. We regularly participate in town events and raise funds with raffles, sponsorships, and donations on an ad hoc basis. As our company grows, we want to give back and adopt an increased focus on charitable activity as well as sustainable and green business practices, making considered choices internally. Click here to learn more about our work with the charity Men's Sheds.

Artizan Sustainability

Our Commitment To Sustainability

One of the small steps we’ve taken is reducing paper use by opting for digital documentation and where this is not practical, using recycled paper. We recycle our waste and are committed to reducing surplus materials. On occasions where surplus is inevitable, we ensure any usable materials are re-purposed or donated.

On a larger scale, we continue to ensure our suppliers have strong environmental credentials. We only work with manufacturers who use PEFC/FSC-certified timber and pride ourselves on sourcing products that are built to last. You can read more about our partner’s environmental credentials below.

Our Partner's Environmental Credentials


Nobilia are committed to reducing their carbon footprint. They use solar panels and a biomass boiler to power their factory and offices and have implemented heat and energy recovery systems in their factory and warehouse. They operate a closed-loop system in cooperation with their suppliers to ensure packaging is reused and, while they already use recycled materials wherever possible and do their utmost to minimise waste, any scrap is always recycled. Nobilia have also gone to great lengths to reduce the CO2 emissions associated with transporting their furniture, switching from road distribution to rail, optimised route planning and switching to larger lorries.


Based here in the UK, Caledonia use a biomass boiler to power their factory. This allows them to recycle any offcuts. They are committed to recycling packing from their suppliers and also use recycled cardboard to package their products. They only work with industry leading suppliers who share their commitment to sustainability, ensuring all components, from their FSC-certified timber to their Blum hinges, are responsibly sourced.


AEG are striving to become carbon neutral by 2030. As it stands, 60% of their energy consumption is renewable and they’ve reduced their emissions by 33% in the last 3 years. They have already made great headway in incorporating recycled materials into their products.


Winners of the German Sustainability Award 2024, Miele demonstrates a strong commitment to sustainability. 90% of their product groups are classified in the top energy efficiency classes. Miele also strives to use renewable energy in its production processes, with significant investments in improving the energy efficiency of their plants and operations. Their dedication to sustainability is further highlighted by their aim to achieve climate-neutral production.


Hacker kitchens are characterised by the highest degree of sustainability. They are carbon neutral, energy efficient and certified for healthy living. The paints used are water based and some of their lacquer laminate fronts have a high recycled content. Häcker GmbH & Co. KG holds the "Golden M" award for high quality as well as exemplary health and environmental protection. The testing criteria for the award includes current quality and environmental and emission standards, with a particular focus on the product’s durability, stability and manufacturing quality as well as pollutant emissions and safety aspects.


Quooker’s sustainability is built on five pillars:
1. Energy reduction – reduce the energy demand by supplying an energy efficient source of boiling, hot, sparkling and chilled water
2. Drinking water conservation and availability - help to conserve water every day and make this available to inhabitants of countries where drinking water supply is limited
3. CO2 Neutral - contributing to the fight against climate change. Quooker strive for carbon-neutral production and invest in sustainable, innovative solutions
4. Material cycle - Quooker products are of high quality and simple to repair and recycle
5. Social chain - Quooker work to create sustainable products in a socially responsible way. That means attention to people, both in and outside their company.


For decades, Novy has been the Belgian leader in the development of cooker hoods, mainly because of the manufacturer’s continuous innovation. Novy are twice winners of the industry’s prestigious Red Dot award for their products and is currently updating its Pure 2.0 recirculation technology to make the system even more sustainable.  Novy’s advanced recirculation technology ensures that purified cooking fumes are returned to the kitchen. This implies full heat recovery – which means saving a great deal on energy.


Sustainability is fundamental to BORA's principles. ‘Green thinking’ is ingrained in their nature and is a core part of the BORA DNA. This commitment is evident not only in their product innovations, which aim to integrate eco-friendliness and efficiency into kitchen design but also at the corporate level. For example, their Herford building is energy self-sufficient, thanks to its photovoltaic panels, and the company fleet for BORA management is fully electric. Whenever planning a new building or site, BORA strives to design it to operate on an energy creation and consumption cycle that minimises its carbon footprint from construction onwards.

The Men's Shed Project

Locally, we want to positively affect our community and have committed to adopting a Charity who’s focus is helping the people in our town and one with which there is a natural synergy.

The Chertsey Men’s Shed is part of a network of Men’s Sheds and have recently opened their workshop in our Town.

The Men’s Shed movement was created to provide a place to meet and share skills, combat loneliness and isolation and to learn and refine DIY and other practical skills. DIY has been recognised as a theraputically beneficial activity and it’s encouraging to know that our town has a community facility where mental wellbeing is a natural focus through practical activities and camaraderie.

Our business incorporates creative skills as well as an extensive range of practical building and construction skills and our trades demographic is predominantly male – supporting a charity that focuses on Men’s Mental Health through activities that are not dissimilar to those needed in the kitchen and fitted furniture industry is a perfect partnership and we look forward to a long and supportive partnership.

For more information on The Men's Shed please click here.


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