The Beautifully Dressed Modern Shaker Kitchen

Andy and Juliet have lived in Chertsey for a number of years and were delighted to see Artizan Interiors establish our Design Studio in the town – they had resolved then that when the time came to have a new kitchen, they would come and see us. And they did.

With a beautiful extension for a family home, they wanted the kitchen to feel like the heart of the home and asked for simplicity with some elevated design touches.

With plenty of space for a large kitchen island, additional storage in the shape of a full height kitchen pantry larder made good use of what otherwise would have been a challenging space, being in a corner close to the opening to the garden. As well as being aesthetically pleasing and practical from a kitchen storage point of view, it also serves well in framing the kitchen space.

Key Elements

A wall of open storage shelving above cabinetry and quartz countertops defines the dining area while it clearly co-ordinates with the kitchen design – having the same detailing and finishes means that it is a separate area from food preparation and cooking, yet it integrates beautifully.

A BORA induction hob with built in extraction means an unobstructed view from every corner of the kitchen including through to the lovely garden, framed with large glass doors.

Black AEG ovens and all integrated appliances ensures everything needed for a kitchen to prepare, cook and store foods is available, either on display or discreetly hidden. A ceramic double butler sink was a must for a contemporary shaker style kitchen and sits perfectly under the Cimstone Barents Quartz worktop.

Andy and Juliet’s exquisite taste ensured that not only did they buy the best kitchen for their home locally, they also dressed it with meaningful objects and accessories that perfectly complement our design.

Do you like what you see?

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