The Kitchen Transformation from Darkness to Brightness

Our clients in Fetcham came recommended from neighbours in their road, who had used Artizan Interiors for their kitchen design. The clients wanted advice on whether to knock down walls/move a utility room or whether the kitchen of their dreams could be achieved within their current space.

The existing kitchen had been located in the back corner of the room, lacked light and didn’t really serve as an open social space. We reconfigured how the kitchen would be used and designed tall units, comprising a combination of integrated appliances, open storage and an attractive tambour to be located in what was the darkest space.

This allowed us to create a peninsula that defined the kitchen and dining areas but did not separate them, making it a much more sociable kitchen. White glass as a backsplash across one main wall helped reflect the wonderful light from the windows and gives the kitchen a much more open and bright feel. Clever additional lighting under and within the wall cabinetry completely removes any semblance of darkness.

Key Elements

A combination of Polar White cabinet doors and oak open shelving lends a crisp yet warm finish to the kitchen. The island makes a statement with its book-matched waterfall design in Britannica Quartz and a practical Bora induction hob with integrated extraction means nothing overhead interrupts the view from the kitchen to the dining area and beyond. The Quooker boiling water tap means the countertops remain clutter free without the need for a kettle and any other small kitchen appliances are stored away in the tambour unit.

The contrast between how the kitchen looked and was used  before and how it looks, feels and is used now is probably the same as the difference between night and day, quite literally, not least in terms of light.

Do you like what you see?

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